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Yarn Bottle Vase

Contributed by- Subha A , Chennai , India
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It is very easy to make this craft. ok lets start our craft.

Required Materials:-
1. Yarn ie., Wollen threads (Colours of your choice)
2. Waste Bottle (Any shape)
3. Fevicol or glue.
4. Flat brush
5. Artificial Flowers or Handmade flowers.

How to make:

1. First take a cup and put some fevicol or glue on it. Add little water (5 to 6 Drops). Mix well with brush.

2. Next take the bottle and apply glue with the help of brush.

3. Next, Take yarn and roll on it. Let give the time to dry.

4. Roll same colour or multi colour or same related colour. Here i take related colour.

5. Finally put the artificial flowers or handmade flowers on it.

6. It's easy to do. try and post your opinion.


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