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Recycled Flower Vase

Contributed by- Subha , chennai , India
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Materials Needed:
1. Used 2 ltr water can.
(EX: 7up bottle,Coke bottle) in the bottom part it should be like a vase (4 cornor).
2. Styrofoam ball ir., Thermocol ball (White Colour)
3. Glue
4. Scissors
5. Any Handmade flower OR Artificial Flower (based on the round shape of the water can.

How to make:-

1. First, Cut the water bottle into half, Take the bottom part of the water can.

2. Cut the water can vertically into 5cm level.

3. When you cut the same level should come, after that you have to fix thermocol ball on the edges.

4.Put some glue on the edge and fix the thermacol balls. Now it will look like a snow falls on the Flower grass.

5. On the center part just fix the handmade or artificial flower in it.

6. For additional beauty you can fix some serial lights in a flower. it will reflect on a snow balls. Thats all. Now, recycled flower vase will be ready.


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