Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DIY Pencil Pouch

By : Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
20 . 2 . 2017
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DIY Pencil Pouch

Materials Needed : -

» Foam sheet- 2
» Plastic zipper-1
» Fevibond glue – 1
» Sissors-1

How to make

Take a foam sheet and apply glue on the edges.

foam sheet

Stick the plastic zipper on the edge of the sheet.

plastic zipper

Fold the sheet and attach the zipper overlapping each other.

zipper overlapping

Cut a small rectangular piece from another colour foam sheet. Paste the cut out pieces at two end points.

small rectangular piece

Mark a mid point from the edges of the zipper on the opposite open ends.

Mark a mid point

Then glue the ends together.

foam sheet

Make bows as shown and make the box more attractive adding embellishments as per your creativity.

Make bows DIY Pencil Pouch


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