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Making Sofa with Match box and Cigarette Packets

Making Sofa with Match box and Cigarette Packets
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Making Sofa with Match box and Cigarette Packets

Materials Required:

» 2 Match boxes of same size
» 2 Cigarette packets
» Gift wrapping paper
» Gum
» Scissors

Procedure :

stick properly

Take the cigarette packets and cover it with the gift-wrapping paper. Apply gum on both ends to make it stick properly.

wrap paper

Now take the 2 matchboxes; cover it with gift-wrap paper without creases, just like we did for the cigarette packets.

cigarette packet

Apply gum on one side of a cigarette packet, and place the packet on the mid- face of the other cigarette packet. Make sure that the cigarette packets stick well together.

match boxes

Take the 2 match boxes, apply gum on them, and place each one... on the 2 small faces of the cigarette packet.

Wow... See that. We've made the sofa.. Now we can decorate it..


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Giulia Fabiana, Forestville,Maryland
February 16, 2018
great idea!
Julie Stover, 5855 Gentry Ln. Dublin ,Virginia, US
July 29, 2017
This is a great way to make my couch&chair for my minature house. I used a wooden ruler which looked flat.lol
Gunjan singh, Punjab
October 8, 2014
Wow its to intresting .........just now i will try........
Sonia, Banglore
March 20, 2014
Wow nice idea I like trying new things ...... I'll try it ....