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Paper Ball Christmas Ornament

Paper Ball Christmas Ornament
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Here is a simple method of making Christmas ornaments by using shiny magazine papers. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions, involve your kids too.

Paper ball Christmas ornament
Materials required : -
paper ball ornament materials
» Shiny magazine papers : 3-4 sheets
» Glue : 1 tube
» Pearl beads : few numbers
» Hot glue : 1 tube
» Plastic container : 1

Drawing a circle in the magazine sheet

Step 1:- Fold the magazine sheets in half 3 times, and draw a circle on it using a plastic container.

cutting out the circles

Step 2:- Cut out the circles for later use.

Making cone shapes out of circles

Step 3:- Take the circles and make a cone shape out of it as shown.

gluing the cone shapes to form a ball

Step 4 :- Once the cone shapes are ready lets glue the cones back to back until we get a round shape.

attaching pearl beads to cones

Step 5:- We can now attach large pearl beads to the center of each cone as shown.

Step 6 :- Attach a string at the top of the ornament and your Christmas paper ball ornament is ready for use.

Try and make few such ornaments for Christmas, involve your kids too & enjoy..


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