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Paper Flower Ball

Paper Flower Ball
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Here is a simple and colourful X'mas ornament. Just learn how to make Paper Flower Ball for a few minutes and celebrate your Christmas with colours.

Paper Flower Ball
Things needed are
coloured papers,Glue and Scissors
» Different coloured papers
» Glue
» Scissors
Cut out round shapes

Cut out round shapes or circles from the papers.

equal halves

Fold the round shape into equal halves and unfold it.

cross like mark on the round shap

Now fold it on the opposite side and unfold. See we got a cross like mark on the round shape.

triangle like shape

Bring one of the ends of the round shape to the centre of the round shape. Now take another end to the centre. Do the same with other end too. See we got a triangle like shape now. Make more shapes.

one triangle and attach to the folded end of the other colour

Now take two triangle shapes of two different colours. Open one of the folded ends of one triangle and attach to the folded end of the other colour as shown. Take another colour, attach its end to any of the shape. Fill up all the sides with different coloured triangles. Go on with sticking. It gradually leads to a ball like shape.

Now make a small hole on the tip of the ball and attach a string to it. Make more such balls, and decorate your home on special occasions.


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