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Tissue Paper Roll Flower

Tissue Paper Roll Flower
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Want to make simple rose flowers with tissue paper?
If you are a beginner, here is a simple way for you to make tissue paper flowers. So lets start…

Things you need are :
» Tissue paper - Better you use a tissue paper roll Scissors Aluminium wire Green floral tape
» Scissors
» Aluminium wire
» Green floral tapes

tissue paper

Cut a long strip from the tissue paper.

rectangular shape

Fold the strip and make it to a rectangular shape. Draw a petal outline.


Shape the upper part of the paper using scissors and unfold it. Now take an aluminium wire and bend the tip of it.

bended par

Wind the tissue paper around the bended part. Secure it with a cotton thread to prevent from falling off. Cover the stem using a green floral tape.

green leaves

Make more flowers and arrange them with green leaves.

It is quite easy right? So don't wait. Go and get tissue paper and start making your flowers.


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Meenakshi negi, Dehradun
July 26, 2014
Very easy method to make beautiful flowers .
Shaikh Misbah, Junnar (pune)
May 25, 2014
Its so simple but awesome...............
AddySmith, Singapore
May 22, 2014
There are a lot of blogs and articles out there on this topic, but you have acquired another side of the subject. This is reliable content thank you for sharing it.