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Origami Kusudama Flowers

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Origami Kusudama Flowers
Materials Required :
5 square pieces of colored paper
A wooden stick


  1. First place one of the square paper on a table with the colored side facing down .now make a valley fold by folding the paper diagonally to one corner .we can see the paper gets a  'v' shape when folded. Press along the diagonal so that a center mark is formed.

  2. Now fold the two corners to the top portion and press gently on the side.

  3. Take the inner edge of one of the corner and fold it in such a way that it so the inner edge of one side, meets the outer edge. Repeat the same process on the other sides too.

  4. Take your finger and place it in one of the pockets. Now squash the pocket down so two of those creases become the outer edges. Repeat the squash on the other side too.

  5. Now fold down the two corners.

  6. Fold the outer flaps inside as seen in the video.

  7. Next we need to apply glue onto the two half's and slowly stick and press together.

  8. Like this make 4 other petals to make the origami flower .if there are any edges popping out, shape them even with the help of scissors.

  9. Now glue all the petals together so the flower can be completed.

  10. Slowly Insert a wooden stick through the inner portion of the flower and  attach it to the flower by using a Cellotape .here our  kusudama flowers are ready .

  11. You can either keep it in a vase as decoration or create a flower ball by making  11 other similar flowers and glueing it together


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Priyanka, Hyderabad
April 20, 2013
Cool site to learn good things in a easy possible way with limited stuff......can be improved by providing images for each step for clarity.....
Sadanand Ganpat Patil, Sindhudurg
December 4, 2011
Flower making good ideai