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Hair Bow using Finger method

Hair Bow using Finger method
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There are a variety of ideas to make hair bows. We will show you how to make bows with the help of fingers. For this, you need the help of a friend.

Self watering container

Cut the bottle into two halves

Ask your friend to hold the fingers straight without touching each other, as you see here. Don't start from the end of the ribbon, but leave a few inches. Start wrapping from the index finger, then go to the middle finger and finally wrap on the ring finger, as shown.

Cut the bottle into two halves

Both ends of the ribbon are free now. Tie it tightly on the middle of the ribbon.

Cut the bottle into two halves

Now take it out of the fingers and pull out the petals of the bow. Our bow is ready.

This is slightly a bigger one. And now if you want in a small size, Use sketch pens instead of fingers as you see here.

Hope that you like this method, and don't forget to try out it.


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