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Lampshade with Yellow Roses

Lampshade with Yellow Roses
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The lampshade craft can be learned very quickly and easily. Even those who are beginners can master this hand made craft easily.

The lampshade adds beauty to your room.



Materials Required: 

  • Fabric Lampshade (your choice of size and shape)

  • Tracing Paper

  • Yellow and green textured paper (Use thin paper so that it allows some light to pass through)

  • Fevicol

  • Matt Water-based Acrylic Varnish

  • Soft and Sharp pencils

  • Fine black felt-tipped pen

  • Scissors

  • Paintbrush


Procedure to make lampshade:

Trace the design of a rose flower or any other flower and darken the lines with a black pen. Remember, your flower shapes should be relatively small, so as not to overwhelm the lamp.

Place the yellow paper over this design and trace again with a sharp pencil. Trace the whole picture using the respective colours. After you have traced the shapes cut them carefully along the lines. Smooth out any wrinkles on the paper. 

Apply glue on the cut out pieces and stick it on the lampshade properly. Stick appropriate number of roses on the lampshade.

Glue the calyx and stem under each rose and when it is dry, paint the lampshade with two coats of varnish.


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lakshmi, hyderabad
October 4, 2010
this is pretty good.i'm interested in making this,so can u pls tell me where do we get that material like fabric lampshade,metal stand [rod like thing]for placing this lampshade & light.
Reena, Rohtak
September 26, 2017
Lamp shades and holders are available in any electrical light fixture shop