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Flower Sticks

Flower Sticks
Contributed by- Garima Goyal , Delhi , India
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Sticks can be decorated with artificial flowers and beads and arranged beautifully to make the drawing room come alive.

A simple decoration to add colour to a room.


Materials Required:
Sticks - You can take Broom sticks"tinke wali chadu"
Brown tape    
Artificial small Flowers - Like tissue cloth 'kali',beads,Petals
Fabric colors - Prefer take bright colors)
Beads- - Different kind (take those beads that easily came in brooms sticks)



1. Take broomstick; start rolling brown tape on the stick and tie up artificial flowers with that brown tape.

2. Do above step again.5 times is enough.

3. Roll down tape with rest of stick.

This completes 1 stick. Other kind of stick is

1. Color broom sticks with different colors.

2. When they dry, put beads in them (3-4beads is enough) using fevicol.

* Give space between flowers and beads

* If you use silver bead on top, it look beautiful


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Rahul, bhopal
October 8, 2010
this is really very beautiful art.... very attractive..adds beauty to interior... suggest some more ways to decarate tha sticks...