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Switch Plate Decorations

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Materials Required: 

  • Thick Cardboard

  • Scissor

  • Paint

  • Hot Glue or modeling glue

  • Small Plastic flowers 


Sometimes a switch plate is best when painted to blend with a wall. First you need to cut the cardboard in a round shape. Before cutting, you have to calculate the cardboard circumference by measuring the width and length of the switchboard. Drill holes in the cardboard to accommodate the switch plate screws. Paint the cardboard with desired colour. Let it dry. Remember to use the colour that will match with your wall colour. Colouring also makes the cardboard look better.

Decorate the cardboard with small plastic flowers. It is more better to try out several arrangements before gluing anything down. Add leaves, stems or anything of your choice in a pattern. Glue the round cardboard on the switchboard carefully.

Note:  Please be very careful when working around power devices and work safely when you do your crafts.


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