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Clay Molding

Clay Molding
Contributed by- Jennifer Augustine , Kochi , India
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 Clay Molding


We see a lot of beautiful things around us. With little creativity and effort we can make wonderful things with clay. By using the following method and materials we can  make a clay basket and different types of fruits, well arranged in the basket.

What you need:

  1. China clay - 1/2 kg (approx.)

  2. Ceramic Powder- 1/2kg(approx)

  3. Ceramic Tile - 1 piece (12x8 or 12x12 size)

  4. Fabric Paint -Different Colours 

  5. Varnish -1 bottle

  6. Glue.

 Tools / Accessories:

  1. Brushes

  2. Roller

  3. Knife

How to Mould: 

    Mixing clay, ceramic powder
  1. Mix together China clay, ceramic powder and glue. Make it into a dough.

      Roll the mixture
  2. Take small quantity of this dough and roll them into balls of various sizes to make grapes. Make 40-50 of them and paint purple.

    Clay Desig
  3. Same way shape up apples, bananas, oranges and whatever fruits you want to make, colour them and once the colour dries up, varnish them.

  4. To make leaves, take small quantity of the dough and roll it using the roller. Cut it in the shapes of leaves (various shapes) and paint them green when dry,  varnish them.

    Cutting the basket
  5.  To make a basket take a portion of dough and flatten it and cut it out in the shape shown in the picture, place it over a glass as shown in the picture.

    Shaping the basket

    Few horizontal lines and in between few vertical lines are pressed over the dough to get the exterior of the basket. Two small strings should be made with the dough and it  should be twisted or plaited neatly and pasted to the top and bottom of the basket. 

  6. Now paint the basket with brown and black colours and varnish it.

Finishing Touches:

Fixing it to the tile

Take a Ceramic plate. Wash it and let it dry. First using glue, stick the three sides of your basket on the tile. The top portion should be kept open. Fill the basket with clay dough to the brim.

Now arrange the fruits on the top portion of the basket. Stick them in a beautiful way. If a small piece of magnet is stuck at the back of each fruit it can be put up can separately  on any metal  piece. This  can even decorate our refrigerators.


fruit basket on a wooden stand

Keep this fruit basket on a wooden stand. It will add decor to your dining or kitchen or even living room.

It can also be gifted to someone you love.

Clay Molding

Try it and come out with beautiful creations. Enjoy yourself.

Clay Molding


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its very beautiful