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Clay Modeling on Pots

Clay Modeling on Pots
Contributed by- Priyanka Srivastava , Hyderabad , India
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Antique Pot
Antique Pot
  Pot Painting Day 1 Preparing the clay pot
» Use the sand paper on the pot thoroughly to smoothen out any rough edges. This also helps in less paint being soaked in by the pot.
» Wash the pot inside and outside with water and keep in sun to dry out.
» Once thoroughly dried, apply two coats of primer. Run the brush in any direction and once the first coat is dry, apply second coat. Also make sure to mix the primer thoroughly as the concentration tends to sit in the bottom.
» Once primer is dry, apply base coat of Asian black paint. Again you can run the brush in any direction, u just need to make sure that no brown/ white spots are visible. Leave to dry.
» The brush is cleaned by pouring some kerosene oil in a bowl and dipping the brush in it. Once the oil becomes the colour of the paint, discard and repeat. Once all paint is gone from the brush, dip in lukewarm water mixed with soap. Once you do not need the paints/ primer again, u need to pour 2 to 3 drops of kerosene oil in the can and then tightly shut the can so that they are stored in perfect condition.

Day 2 - Making the clay dough and making shapes out of them

» Take clay powder. Add in Fevicol SH, mustard / olive oil, little water and short, very thin strands of cotton. Prepare dough. Take care not to add too much oil or fevicol. Keep adding few drops of water and sieving the dough till it rolls out perfectly in your palms without breaking or showing any rough edges.
» Wrap the dough in a plastic cover as it dries out very fast. Take out small quantity in your hand to make designs with. Make sure to use the ball of your palm and do not press with your fingers while making shapes. Keep placing them in a plate. Once they are a little dry ( takes about 1 min), you can stick them on the pot.
» Apply thin layer of fevicol on the pot. Once it is little dry ( takes about 10 seconds), add the clay designs.

Day 3 - Making the ceramic cone

» Take ceramic powder. Add in Fevicol MR and little water. Prepare a smooth mixture in a katori with the help of spoon(like mehendi). Take care to stir in one direction only for 5 to 10 minutes.
» Put the prepared mixture in a plastic bag, tie it with a band and cut it from one side. Prepare cones out of milk packets and fill in with the mixture.
» Make the appropriate designs( u can only draw mehendi designs with ceramic cone). Apply thick layers so that once it dries up, it doesn’t shrink to very thin lines. Let dry for one whole day.
  Day 4 – Painting the pots

Apply base coat of Asian black paint if you want to colour the designs with silver, copper, gold. Make sure that you do it from all angles so that no white spots are visible from any angle. Let dry for 1 whole day. Apply the black paint inside the pot as well as much as your hand can reach.

For using Pearl Metallic Paint, do not add water as it will dilute the paint. Just apply directly on designs from the paint bottle.
For using copper, silver, gold powder, mix in little powder with a drop of mustard oil/ olive oil and apply. Remember – this paint will not dry on the pot, and you will need to apply clear varnish at the end to prevent its rubbing off.

To create a spray effect, take powder paint on brush (e.g. silver powder, copper powder, gold powder), place in front of your mouth and lightly blow onto the pot. Do not blow hard, otherwise the paint will create thick spots on the pot. Make sure that the base paint had been applied an hour or 2 hours back, so that the base is not completely wet nor completely dry ( as the powder will not stick otherwise).

To use copper, silver, gold liquid paint, mix in with sterile water (used for injections, available in chemist shops) as the liquid paint is very thick. Do not mix with tap water for that dilutes the colour.
Party Flower Pot Corner Stool
Party Flower Pot Corner Stool


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Abhay kumar, patna(bihar)
October 10, 2017
Excellent work. I very impressed by your work.
H.A Smitha, Hyderabad
March 25, 2015
Such a nice painted pot. Thanks for sharing ur idea...
Girijesh Varshney, Kanpur Dehat
March 21, 2012
Nice one dear, really creative thing u prepare.
Parth, Bhavnagar
September 15, 2011
Lovely pot it is...thanks for sharing your idea
Lealem, Addis Abab, Ethiopia
November 29, 2010
Thanks for sharing this simple pot decoration pereparation and if you have please send me por decorated pic. Thanks again in advance.
shayan walke, bangalore
November 4, 2010
superb. Very clean work. Can you tell me where can i get ceramic powder in bangalore in jaynagar,bannerghatta road visinity
kinjal, mumbai
October 29, 2010