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Paper Guitar man

Paper Guitar man
Contributed by- Gayathri Devi , Chennai , India
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A new idea to make a paper model from the talented Ms. Gayathri Devi from Chennai

The craft is not so difficult, and has a distinct appearance.


Paper Sculpture
Materials Required:
1. Newspaper
2. Tissue Paper
3. Cardboard
4. Glue
5. Paint
6. Masking Tape
7. Gold Powder


1. Take newspaper and roll it tightly with a help of a broom stick.
2. Now stick the other end so the role doesn't come out
3. Make as many rolls needed
4. Now bend a paper roll to make the torso, 2 hands
5.make a ball of newspaper for the characters head
use masking tape to attach the body parts
6.mix glue with water 1:3 and apply over the sculpture and paste the tissue paper
7.allow it to dry for a day and paint it black
8.take it on the next day and apply gold powder
9.now ur paper sculpture is ready for display
10.prepare musical instruments or sports article with cardboard and attach it to give a better look.


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Meghamala, Mumbai
August 31, 2010
a very diff art thanks....
Ratan Chandra Das, Tribeni
June 11, 2010
Thanks for the new idea