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Salt Dough Decorations - Hanging Heart

Salt Dough Decorations - Hanging Heart
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With creativity and effort we can make wonderful things with salt dough. Salt dough is nothing but a mixture of plain flour, salt and water. This dough can be used to create beautiful decorations like hearts, wreaths, flowers, baskets and so on. Even bits of the dough could be added to the decorations to enhance details and embellishments. The decorations can be painted with vibrant colours or left as it is or can be hung, threaded with a ribbon from a hole made at the top of the figure or just glued with the ribbon at the back. The options are many ... let your imagination run wild. 

Take care to keep your creations in a dry place as exposure to heat or dampness can spoil them. Here we have given some simple designs, try them out for a start.

Materials required :
›› Tracing Paper
›› Pencil
›› Salt dough
›› Roller
›› Rolling Pin 
›› Craft knife
›› Acrylic or fabric paint
›› Paintbrushes
›› Gold paperclips
›› Polyurethane matt varnish
›› Glue


Procedure to make heart: 

First prepare the salt dough to make the decoration. Mix together 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt. Add 1 cup of water gradually to the mixture until it is stiff but not sticky. Knead the dough for about ten minutes until it is smooth and manageable.

Roll the dough out on a roller or a flat surface with a rolling pin in 1cm thickness.

Draw or trace out a heart shaped design. Place the design over the rolled dough and mark the squares with a needle or a pin. Then cut out the heart carefully from the rolled dough. Smoothen and round the edges with a moistened finger. Alternatively you can cut out the design from the rolled dough on your own, with a knife without the help of the design

With a knife carefully deepen the lines of the squares without going too deep so that the squares are not cut off. You can either fill the heart with squares or leave both sides free as in the figure. 

Cut a paperclip in half and insert into the top of the heart. Make as many hearts as you need. Allow to dry thoroughly for a few days OR Bake in a warm oven at 120o C/250oF for a short time, but take care not to cook them or they will yellow. 

Paint with acrylic emulsion (latex), then paint in the colour of your choice, leaving alternate squares plain. Allow to dry. Apply five coats of varnish. Thread some ribbon through the loop made by the paper clip and tie in a bow. You can hang your hearts from the wall.


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Yogita kharayat, Faizabad
May 8, 2014
Woh! What a brilliant and loving idea... It's commendable
Kamini, Muscat
March 13, 2012
Its wonderful I will do it immediately thank u.
Vandana , Chennai
January 4, 2012
Thank you so much for your simple and wonderful art making methods. Could you please tell me what is acrylic emulsion (latex),can i use acrylic paints instead.
Kavita, Nainital
October 9, 2011
It quite easy n very very attractive n also can be given as a sweet gift...! Really it was truly very cute!
Shaheena Banu, Hassan
August 25, 2011
ayesha, bangalore
October 22, 2010
its very nice craft easy to make thank u
Umarani, Chennai
August 27, 2010
it is very beautiful.
rinky, pune
August 25, 2010
thanks for d proportion of dough.very good idea!
May 31, 2010