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Wool Work

Wool Work
Contributed by- Purvi , Mumbai , India
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Here's a wool work design from Purvi, residing in Mumbai

A teddy bear design you can use as a wall hanging.


wool work
Materials required : -
» Tik-tak paper
» Small pieces of wool (pink,white,black colour)
» Favicol
» Pencil colours
» Decoration:-satin bow & eyes & nose.

1)Take a paper of Tik-Tak paper.

2) Draw Teddy Bear on the middle of the paper.(you can draw any cartoon).

3)Now spread favicol on the face & body &stick pieces of pink wool.

4)Again spread favicol on the ears,mouth,hands,& legs &stick pieces of white wool.

5)spread favicol on lips & stick pieces of black wool.

6) Now stick eyes, nose,& bow for decoration & pencil colour use for back ground.

7)Now pictures is ready &u can hang on your wall.


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