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Diamond Thank You Card

Diamond Thank You Card
Contributed by- Sophie , Creve Coeur ,
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Strips of colored construction paper - 6 - 1 inch by 8 inch
White strip of construction paper - 1 - 1 inch by 8 inch
Plastic gemstones - 8 (2 colors)
A wallet size photo of the people giving the card    
A pencil and a marker    
Tape or glue    



Glue an "X" out of 2 strips, making the bottom of the "X" longer than the top.  Glue the "X" on top of 2 strips at each side of the "X".  Glue a strip across the bottom of the "X".  Glue a strip across the top.  Cut a diamond out of a small piece of white paper and write in it the first initial of the person for whom the card is intended. Glue the initial at the intersection of the "X".  Glue one gemstone of each color on each side of the "X" moving away from the diamond paper.  Write the card message across the white strip and glue it between the base of the card and the white diamond.  Glue the photo immediately under the top strip of the card.  On the bottom, top and side strips, write the initials of those giving the card.

Thank You Card


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