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There is no Indian festival that can be completed without the festival cooking. Durga Puja is one of the festival where special emphasis on the sweets are given. This festival is mainly celebrated in the West Bengal where people are known for their sweet tooths. Durga Puja is the festival where Bengali people enjoy the liberty of eating as much sweets as the like.
Usually the sweets are available in the market in the sweet shops but the pleasure of seeing your loved ones enjoying the tasty dishes that you have cooked is something else. Here we are providing you with some recipes are being provided of the mouth watering traditional delicacies that are cooked specially for Durga puja so that it can be shared and enjoyed. These traditional delicacies are eazy to cook and are very tasty. Go ahead try some of the recipes!


Sabudana Khichdi
Aloo Jeera Watch  Dahi Aloo Watch 
Labra / Mixed Vegtable Curry Cholar Dal - Bengal Dal curry
Bandhakopir Dalna Aloo Posto
Desserts / Sweets
Semolina Burfi (Rava Kesari) Mishti Doi
Luchi Beguni / Eggplant Fry
Nimki (Flour Cracker)