Monday, June 1, 2020
Arunachal Pradesh



The Idus are the major tribe inhabiting the Dibang valley district and one of the main three groups of Mishmis.
The other two groups are the Taraon and Kaman of Lohit District. The Idus are distinguished from the other groups by the peculiar way of dressing their hair. Both men and women shave the hair at the sides of the head and keep it long at the back. The hair in front is cut short and hang over the fore head. Because of this peculiar method of cropping hair,they are called Chulikata(chuli means hair 'kata' means to crop) by the people in the plains.

There are four major tribe in Towang district, namely Monpas, sherdukpens, Akas and Mijis. Monpas have the biggest population and accordingly they are occupying the largest area of the district.