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Arunachal Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals

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In Arunachal Pradesh festivals are celebrated throughout the year...In fact festivals form an essential part of the life of the tribals. Most of the festivals are related to agriculture and celebrated in a ritualistic manner. Festivals are celebrated either to thank God for his divine intervention or to pray for a good harvest. Dances form an essential part of their festivals and are performed to express their joy of life. Some of the important festivals are Mopin and Solung of Adis, Losar of Monpas, Sherdukpens and Boori-Boot of the Hill Miris, Dree of Apatanis, Si-doni of Tagins, Nyokum of Nishis, Reh of Idu Mishmis etc. Animal sacrifice is a habitual ritual in all festivals. 
  Tribal Fairs and Festivals Festival Calendar of Arunachal Pradesh
» Myokoh » Dree » Boori Boot
» Murung » Siron Molo Sochum » Mlokom Yulo
» Nyokum » Yulo » Si-Doni
» Losar » Jomu » Reh
» Chosker » Solung » Mopin
» Other Festivals » Sangken