Monday, June 1, 2020
Arunachal Pradesh



Bangnis and Sulangs tribes inhabit the area adjacent to the north eastern Kameng, extending to the lower Subansiri District. The Bangnis are known as Nishi, Nishang, Nissi or Dalja in Subansiri District.
Marriage of the Bangni people takes place through the process of formal negotiation between the parents of both the parties. After a stipulated bride price has been paid, the girl comes to live with the husband. >There are no formal ceremonies which mark the consummation of marriage. The husband and the wife are both clad in clothes and wear a number of ornaments. The marriage by employment and the marriage by service is also prevalent in their society but is practiced in rare cases.

The tribe endogamy and clan exogamy is the normal rule. Though polyandry is not known to them, polygamy is very common. Bangni society is patrilocal, patriarchal and patrilineal. 

The Sulangs are a scattered tribe. The sulang society is not based on the unit of village community. They do not observe rituals and ceremonies on a community basis.