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Arunachal Pradesh


Agriculture and Irrigation 

economy in arunachalThe shifting cultivation which has come to be known as Jhuming which means collective farmingoccupies the central position in Arunachal Pradesh  in the field of agriculture. This is the form of cultivation that sustains majority of the people in the area which is been practiced from earlier days.

Jhuming consist of clearing of a patch of jungle by cutting and burning after a particular number of years called the jhum cycle, dribbling seeds into the cleared patch by the help of a poker. Weeding at least four times,

watching and protecting the growing plants from the wild animals and birds  and finally  harvesting a meager mixed crop, normally just enough to feed the workers - men, woman and children who had put in about 5 to 6 months of hard labour into the patch. 

Paddy, millet and maize are the major crops. The indigenous vegetables are sweet potatoes, brinjal, ginger, chillies, pumpkin, cucumber, and local cowpea. Pine apple, oranges, lemon, lichi, papaya, banana and peach walnut, almond etc are also grown in Arunachal.