Sunday, December 4, 2022
Andhra Pradesh


Folk Music and Dance

In Andhra there are nearly thirty-three kinds of foresters, hill men and tribals. All have, their own dances.  These dances can be broadly classified into three heads (i) Religious dances (ii) Social dances (iii) Dance as a past time.

Kuchipudi, one of the classical dance forms of the South had its origin in Andhra Pradesh.

Peacock Dance of the Khonds

The Khonds, also called Samanlas are the most backward hill men dwelling in the inaccessible hilly region of Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districtsPeacock Dance of the Khonds.  During weddings and festival which falls in the month of April, the Khonds perform the peacock dance. Pirodi, a kind of flute and the tinkling bells around the ankles are the only musical accompaniments. All the dancers put on white dhotis, tie anklets called Muyyangam, wear turbans, made of locally growing grass and tugged with colourful rags and fasten bunches of peacock feathers behind at their waists which look like peacock tails whenever they bend forward. All the dancers stand in two rows in the beginning and

imitate the cry of peacock. They form a circle and bend forward from their knees so as to look like a dancing peacock. After paying obeisance to mother earth and the Sun god they commence dancing. Putting their palms to their right legs move their left legs rhythmically, the anklets produce jingling sounds. They step forward and backward while the pirodi produces sonorous motes sitting, circling, stepping, bending and waving kerchiefs in their right hands, they look like dozens of peacocks dancing joyously in a circle. This includes gestures of the bridegroom going to the bride's house.