Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Andhra Pradesh


Urumulu (Thunder Dance) 

Urumulu or thunder dance is found only in Anantapuram district.  The instrument employed in this dance is called urumu. It is a percussion instrument which sounds like thunder. The instrument is made out of brass or bell metal - a hollow round pipe. Both sides are covered with goat skin fixed on to iron rings and tightened with ropes at the top of the drum.  It hangs from the left shoulder on the belly of the artiste and it is tied to the right side of the waist. The left side of the instrument is rubbed with a thin stick and the right side is beaten with a thick stick.

The urumu dancers belong to the scheduled caste. They are a pious and virtuous group of people who observe religious austerity and worship goddess Akkamma. They abstain from drinking and eating meat. They present urumu dance to please their deity. It is a ceremonial dance. They move in circles adopting different styles and foot steps and play on urumu. They put on big turbans and strings of beads or coins like metal pieces around their necks.  They smear their faces with turmeric and also put on Namam on their foreheads.  They wear long shirts covering from neck to feet and an upper garment hanging from both shoulders.  While dancing they sing devotional songs on Lord Kadiri Narasimhaswami, Dasavataras and goddess Akkamma.