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Farthest from Kavaratti island, 200 km away to the south and also nearest to the Maldives. Minicoy coves an area of approximately 4.22 sq km and is the second largest island after Androth. Although its official name is Minicoy, the people here like to call it Maliku, meaning the good harbor. Mahl is the main language spoken in Minicoy which is common to Maldives. It lies 398 kms away from Kochi.

Tourists Attractions Minicoy :

The most important attraction on Minicoy island has been same for more than the last 100 years. Built in 1885 by the British, the magnificent lighthouse has become a symbol of pride for Minicoy. It is one of the oldest surviving structures in the entire Lakshadweep. Visitors are allowed up, right to the very top. One of the largest islands in Lakshadweep, Minicoy has a culture very different from any of the other islands in dress, language and food. Minicoy has a cluster of 9 villages, which are called Athinis. Minicoy is an important Tuna Fishing center. There is a 20 bedded resort as well as independent tourist cottages for stay. 

Minicoy Dive center

Dive sites include Ragganmathi, Mulimatti, Rabberufarai, Bose Point, Murambu, Boduhavaligang etc and there an abundance of Sharks, bull rays, turtles, school of jacks, red snappers, black snappers, napoleon wrasse, barracuda, sweet lips, hump back parrot fish etc. can be found here. There are three large ship wrecks near the island which turn out to be underwater museums for the divers.