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Kavaratti which is the headquarters of the territory, is situated at 10o33' north latitude and 72o38 east longitude. It lies between Agatti and Andrott but a little to the south and is 301Kms from Kozhikode and 404 kms from the Cochin coast. The island is about 6kms in length and breadth is about one km. At the southern end, the land shrinks to a width of 47 metres. The lagoon on the western side is about 11/ 2kms wide.

Tourists Attractions Kavaratti :

Fifty two mosques are spread out over the island, the most important attractions in Kavaratti island is definitely the Ujra Mosque situated in the south-eastern part of the island. The mosque is a 17th century mosque that was built by Sheikh Mohammad Kasim. His grave situated within the mosque making it an important pilgrimage destination for the people of the Kavaratti. The Ujra mosque has an ornately carved ceiling, said to have been carved from a piece of driftwood.

A well within its precincts is believed to contain water of curative powers. Kavaratti also has an aquarium with several colorful species of fish.

There is a glass bottom boat for viewing marine life and an array of remarkable coral formations that provides a background to the lagoons and the islands within them. Some Water Sports like Kayaking, Scuba diving, Canoeing and Snorkeling are available for tourists. 

Dolphin Dive Center

The dive center is ideal for Scuba dive beginners and is conveniently located on the northern tip of the island very close to the entrance. Access to the various dive spots such as Harbour Mouth nearby, Zing Zang Par at the southern tip, Governors reef famous for its brightly coloured corals, Turtle Nest popular for the sightings of turtle, Wind Mill Point for Grey reef sharks &rays, Wall of Wonder at north west side for its caves is easy from the dive center. There are PADI certified instructors in the center to impart training in scuba diving. The island has a 10 bedded resort catering to divers.

Contact : 
Dolphin Dive centre, Kavaratti 
Phone: +91- 4896- 263649 / 262105