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Lakshadweep is one of the worlds most spectacular tropical island systems. It is an archipelago located 200-400 km west of the coast of Kerala in the Arabian Sea . The archipelago consists of 36 main islands, many smaller islands, coral atolls and coral reefs. Thirty two sq. km of land surrounded by 4200 sq. km of lagoon rich in marine wealth. It is the smallest union territory in India. Lakshadweep means a hundred thousand islands in the local language, Malayalam. Earlier the name Lakshadweep referred to the three archipelagos in the Indian Ocean the present Lakshadweep, Maldives and Suvadives.

Lakshadweep Tourism can prove to be one of the most fabulous experiences that you gather. The green islands almost shine bright in the clear blue sea. The presence of the coral sand makes them more attractive. The state includes both inhabited (around 10 of them) as well as uninhabited islands. This group of islands has lately become one of the most popular tourist destinations of India.

The scenic beauty of the emerald green islands attract many tourists every year. There is a wide option for enjoying different water sports like Scuba diving, Yachting, Pedal boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Swimming, Snorkeling etc in the waters of the surrounding sea. One may also visit local houses, Marine museum, Light House and a few local industries. SPORTS (Society for promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) has been recognized as a nodal agency for the promotion of tourism in Lakshadweep, and they operate a number of tourist packages to the islands of Minicoy, Kalpeni and Kavaratti in Lakshadweep. 

Best Time to Visit :

October - May is the best season to visit the islands and most of the ship based tour packages are conducted at this time of the year. It is monsoon season from mid May to September.

Accommodation :

Accommodation is available in Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy, Agatti and Kadmat. The tourist huts in each island has single or double room facilities with attached baths, and are located at ideal locations on the beach itself. The tourist resorts at Kadmat, Minicoy and Kavaratti are operated by SPORTS (Society for promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports). There is also a holiday resort for tourists at Bangaram. Overnight accommodation is also provided on board the ship for trips such as coral reef packages.

Tour packages:

Some of the tour packages offered by SPORTS (Society for promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) include -'Incredible islands' a package covering Agatti, Kadmat and Kavaratti islands from Kochi twice a week, connecting Kochi - Agatti - Kadmat and Kochi - Agatti - Kavaratti by flight and speedboat. Kochi to Agatti by flight (Kingfisher Airlines) and by speedboat from Agatti-Kadmat or Kavaratti.

'Lakshadweep Samudram' is a five-day cruise to visit the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy by ship- M.V Kavaratti. The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board the ship. M.V Kavaratti has 100 Diamond class accommodations. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports are arranged during the day tour. 

'Coral Reef' is a Five-day cruise to visit any of the three islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Minicoy and Kadmat by ship- MV Arabian Sea. The island tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board the ship. MV Arabian Sea has 2 diamond class 8 first class and 54 tourist class accommodations. Swimming, snorkeling and other water sports are arranged during the day' tour.

'Swaying Palm' is a six / seven days tour to Minicoy. Tourists are accommodated in exclusive A/c cottages and other individual cottages built on the beachfront. Journey is by M.V Arabian sea and M.V Lakshadweep sea, M.V. Minicoy and M.V. Amindivi , M.V Kavaratti.

'Marine Wealth Awareness Programme' covers a 4 -7 day package to Kadmat to experience the richness and beauty of marine life. Sea passage is by M.V Arabian sea, M.V. Lakshadweep sea, M.V Amindivi ,M.V Minicoy and M.V Kavaratti. One can spend 2-5 fun filled days on the island, Swimming, Snorkeling and Kayaking are included in water sports. A full-fledged water sports institute is functional at Kadmat. The more adventurous can indulge in scuba diving, wind surfing and para sailing.

'Taratashi' offers a package to visit Kavaratti - the administrative capital of Lakshadweep and a four/five days stay on the island. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba dive lagoon cruise in glass bottomed boat and other water sports are on offer and can make your holiday memorable. The stay on the island is in the tourist huts on beach front. There are only 10 seats available. However more seats can be made available on dormitory accommodation. Transportation is by ships such as M.V.Arabian Sea, M.V. Lasshadweep Sea, M.V.Amindivi, M.V.Minicoy, and M.V Kavaratti.

'Week End Package' is a one day excursion package to Kalpeni Island. On Saturday the ship departs from Kochi/Mangalore and on Monday morning ship returns to Kochi/Mangalore. Sunday will be spent with a range of water sports like, snorkeling, kayaking, viewing under water marine life through glass bottomed boats etc.

For Tariffs of tour packages, booking, dates of departure and other details please contact:

Lakshadweep Tourism office (SPORTS)
Indira Gandhi road,
Willingdon island, Kochi, Kerala -682003 
Phone: 91-484-2668387, 2666789