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There were Hindus, Christians and Muslims in Lakshadweep. Majority of the people in Lakshadweep are Muslims.

The Muslims in Lakshadweep believe that there is no other God but Allah and that Muhammad is his Prophet. But Pir (saint) worship has become a common feature with them. The Urs of Ubaidullah (at Andrott) and Syed Muhammed Kasim (at Kavaratti) are celebrated every year. Devout Muslims keep awake for the whole night and recite the maulood during the ceremony. The majority of the Muslims belong to the Shufi School of the Sunni sect and acknowledge besides the Koran the authority of the Sunnet. Other sects among the Muslims are Wahabis and Ahamadiyas who are in a microscopic minority. The Wahabis have separate mosques in Agatti and Kavaratti and the Ahamadiyas  are found only in Kalpeni.  Wahabis are Muslim purists who reflect all traditional teachings except that of the Prophet, prohibit pilgrimage to shrines or tombs and try to restore Islam to be condition of its ancient purity. 

There is no differences in the religious beliefs, manners and customs of the different classes in Lakshadweep but they have been separated by social barriers.

In some islands Melacheris are not allowed to perform the religious ceremony of Ratheb in certain mosques. Other social disabilities which existed in the past like prohibition against the use of chappals, holding umbrellas and singing are now a thing of the past.