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Hockey Umpires
Hockey Umpires

There will be two umpires to control the game and to administer the rules. These umpires will be the sole judges of the game. Each team will be responsible for providing one umpire. The umpires are responsible for keeping time for the duration of the game. It is permissible to have a time-keeper or time-keepers. Such time-keepers will take over those duties of the umpires which concern the keeping of time and the indication of the end of each half. Umpires will satisfy themselves before the game that the ground is fit for play and the goal post are firmly fixed. They will keep a written records of the starting times of each half, any stoppages for which time must be allowed, the time of suspension of any player and the goal as scored.


In general the main signal will be the direction one given with one arm only and that arm raised slightly above horizontal level.

  • When both arms are pointed towards the center spot, it is the signal to the award of a goal.

  • The right arm pointed horizontally across the field indicates a breach of the off-side rule.

  • Both arms are extended out sideways indicates the award of a 15 yard hit.

  • The award of a penalty corner is indicated by both arms pointing upwards the goal.

  • One arm pointing upwards and the other pointing to the 7 yard spot indicates the award of a penalty stroke.

  • When both arms are crossed above the head, it is the signal for the stoppage of game.

Signals should be maintained long enough to ensure that all players are aware of the decision. Regular and assiduous practice are required to become a good umpire.