Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Field of Play

Hockey field
Hockey field

The hockey playground is rectangular in shape. It is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide. The longer boundary lines are called the side lines and the shorter ones are called goal lines. All lines are three inches wide throughout.

The center line or Halfway Line is marked throughout its length, while the 25 yard lines is marked with broken lines. To assist in the control of the hit-in, across the center line and each 25 yard line, parallel to and 5 yards from the side line a mark of 2 yards in length is made. A mark is made inside the field line of play on each side line and parallel to the goal line and 16 yards from its inner edges. This mark is 12 inches in length. For hits of penalty corner, the field is marked by the goal lines on both sides of the goal at 5 yards and 10 yards from the nearest goal post. The field of play is marked by the goal lines and the side lines, 5 yards on either side of the corner flags. This is for corner hits. At a distance of 7 yards in front of the center of each goal a spot is marked, which will not be more than 6" in diameter.

Flag posts

It is placed on each corner of the field at a distance of one yard from the center line. Flag posts must not be pointed at the top. It must be made of metal except when they are attached to a spring 4 feet and 5 feet. Flags on these posts should not exceed 12 inches in width or length. 

Goal Post

There is a goal at the center of each goal line consisting of two perpendicular posts 4 yards apart. These are joined together by a horizontal cross bar seven feet from the ground (from inside). The front part of the goal post touches the outer edge of the goal line. Goal post shall not extend the cross bars nor the cross bar shall extend side ways beyond the goal posts. The goal posts and cross bars will be 2" wide and 3" deep, painted in white. Nets are firmly attached behind the goal posts.

Inside the goal posts, a black board of 4 yards in length and not more than 8" in height is placed. These boards on each side make an angle of 90 degrees at the goal line. These boards are made of wood. No chocks are placed inside the goal to support any of the boards. 

Shooting Circle

A line of 4 yard long and 3" wide is drawn in front of each goal which is parallel to and 16 yards from the goal line. This line having the inner front corner of the goal posts as center will reach each way to meet the goal lines by quarter circles. The space enclosed by these lines is called the shooting circle.

Equipments for Playing Hockey

Hockey stick and ball
Hockey stick and ball


The ball is made of white leather or of any other leather painted with white material. The inner portion of the ball is composed of cork and twine. Its weight must be in between 156gms and 163gms. The diameter of the ball is in between 22.4cms and 23.5cms.

The Stick

Left side of the stick is flat faced. The head of the stick (i.e. the part below the lower end of the splice) is of wood. It is cut round edged and not pointer or square. The total weight  of the stick should not exceed 28 ounces nor less than12 ounces. Its size is so modeled that it passes through a ring having a diameter of 2 inches.