Monday, September 27, 2021


India women during the Kabaddi
Players during a hockey match

Each team is permitted to substitute any number of players during the game. A player who has been substituted may re-enter the field of play as a substitute for another player. Goal keeper wears a uniform different from that of their own team and that of their opponents. Players should not have dangerous spikes, studs or protruding nails in foot wear or wear anything that may be dangerous to other players. The goal keeper is permitted to use pads, kickers, gauntlet, gloves and masks, body protection, elbow pads and headgear which is a full helmet incorporating fixed full face protection and cover for all of the head including back.

Conduct of players

  1. A player plays the ball with the opposite side of his stick. No player can interfere with the game without having his own stick.

  2. Either at the beginning or at the end of a stroke, a stick may go over the shoulder but neither the ball be dangerous nor any other danger may arise.

  3. Hitting, hooking, holding, striking at or intervening with a rival's stick is not favoured.

  4. A player should not obstruct the game by running between an opponent and the ball or intercept himself or with his stick as an obstacle.

  5. A player may kick or stop the ball with any part of his body if the ball is in the circle of goal-keeper. If the ball is lodges in the pads of a goal-keeper or in the clothing of any player the game will be stopped. The umpire will re-start it by a bully on the spot where this accident occurs. This bully cannot be done within five yards of the goal line. If the ball strikes an umpire the game will continue.

  6. Rough or dangerous play, any type of misconduct or time wasting will not be allowed. 

  7. A player should not stop or deflect the ball on the ground or in the air with any part of his body even hand, to his or his team's advantage.

  8. A player should not use the foot or leg to support the stick in order to check the rival player.

  9. Except with the stick, the ball cannot be picked up, kicked, thrown, carried or propelled in any manner or direction.