Monday, July 13, 2020

The People

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Physical Features | Religion | Profession

The Lois consider themselves as the oldest inhabitants. Lois means 'slaves or dependent'. These small tribals inhabit the valley of Manipur. They are called Singmei, Undro and Chairel. All of them speak different dialects but with a considerable mixture of Manipuri words.

Physical Features

  Lois are of Mongoloid stock but feature-wise, with sharp features, resemble the Aryans. Their noses in both sexes are very sharp. The cheek bones, eyes sockets and thickness of lips show progression towards sharpness. It may be possible that their group was originally either of Mongoloid or of Aryan stock, but it got the chance of mixing and produced a group with mixed characters in their body features.


Lois were not considered as Manipuris and so could not adopt Hinduism and benefit from its religious and cultural impact. The Lois must be practicing a religion close to the Aryans or the old Shiva cult of Hindus. The religion of Lois resembles animism. The Lois sacrifice pigs and goats to their animistic deities. They respect fire. 


The Lois are expert at agriculture and hold monopoly in the silk, iron smelting and other craft work. Now they have been given scheduled caste status and the state government is taking interest in their uplift. There is no caste system in Manipur but Lois are the victim of political dis-recognition from the past. They are not given recognition so as to avoid their political rising but they are not treated like scheduled castes. The Lois are not much involved in social activities and political affairs. Their cultural life is similar to that of the Meities. They celebrate Lai-Haraoba according to their own customs which only differ in minor details. In dress and food habit there is practically no difference with that of Meities.