Thursday, June 30, 2022
Himachal Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals



At the end of the month of Pausha the Lohadi festival is celebrated in every house. A month before this, the field workers go round from house to house singing, Lohadi song known as 'Lohkadiyan'. The people welcome the singers and give them gifts of food grains. On Lohadi night the boys

sing Harin (the deer) songs. A boy dresses up as a deer and prances about as his companions sing songs. The singing and dancing lasts the whole night. At night a bonfire is built outside the house and fed with jaggery, sesame, rice and radishes. Sweet and savoury delicacies known as Babru are cooked. The next day (Makar Sankranti day) the girls sing songs of blessings known as 'Rajde'. People bathe and eat a meal of Khichadi (rice and pulses cooked together). The married daughters are also invited for this ritual meal of Khichadi and some of it is kept aside in the name of the forefathers. In some areas young girls wear garlands made of dry fruits around their necks.