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Himachal Pradesh


Himachal is a land of dances. artIts dance forms are varied and some are quite complicated. These dances are an inseparable part of tribal life which reflects the great perseverance and good humour of the human beings in the face of poverty and death. The Himachal folk music is the greatest solace to the poor people living in the remote areas. The Junju Sukrat Bhunkh and Roopshu songs of the Chamba valley, the Mohna of Bilaspur, the Jhoori or Sirmaur, the Laman of Kulu are all rooted in the daily life and rich folk tradition of the area and each has notable features of its own.

Folk Music
folk music
» Introduction » Jhoori
» Laman » Samskara Songs
» Jhanjhotis » Ainchaliyan


Folk Musical Instruments
folk music
» Drums » Wind Instruments
» Percussion Instruments » String Instruments and Cymbals
Folk Dances
folk dance
» Introduction » Mala Dance
» Demon Dance » Jataru Kayang
» Dalshone and Cholamba Nagas Kayang » More....


Folk Theatre
» Kariyada & Banthada » Swang
» Ramleela & Rasleela » Jagara, Jagrata, Jagga