Saturday, January 19, 2019
Himachal Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals


The people in Himachal love festivals and participate in all the local festivals and fairs with great enthusiasm. Most of the fairs and festivals are connected with the various seasonal changes. There are many folklores connected with the beginning of each festivals. These fairs offer a clear glimpse into the lives, the beliefs and the popular customs of the rural life in Himachal. Each district has its own sequence of annual fairs which are connected with the historical and sociological background of that area. Festivals have an important place in the lives of the people in Himachal. On the festival day the farmers do not work in the fields and rich and poor alike celebrate these to the best of their financial abilities. If there has been a death in the family on the day of the festival, the festival is not celebrated by the other members, till a birth occurs around the same time. The Sikh festivals are celebrated largely in the cities. The tribal festivals have their own identity which is totally different from the festival celebration elsewhere.

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