Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Himachal Pradesh


Scores of races, communities and cultures have intermingled in Himachal. The crime rate is very low. There faiths are simple, beliefs primitive and myths difficult to fathom. A birth, a fair, a community gathering, a marriage, a festival all provide them opportunity for song and dance. Their has been relatively closed society. They hardly ever lock up their houses. There are few instances of theft or trickery. They firmly believe that all their act whether good or bad are recorded in heaven and their proportions, shall eventually decide their next birth.

» Introduction » Castes
» Language » Dress
» Houses    
» Introduction » Kinnaure
» Lahule » Spitians
» Pangwal » Gujjars
» Piral » Gaddis
» Nepalese    
Customs and Traditions
» Introduction » Marriage
» Rituals connected with Marriage » Wedding Ceremony
» Divorce » Remarriage & Sati
» Death » Child Birth
Common Customs
» Thoda and Buhana » Thatha
» Bhoonda » Tana Mana
» Doom » Sacrifices
» Fasts » Treating House Guests
» Crime & Punishment » Hereditary Laws
» Religion » Women
» Socio Economic Structure    
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