Saturday, August 13, 2022
Himachal Pradesh

Fairs and Festivals



The word Khepa means the Siddha (Tantrik Guru) made of flour. It is a festival of chasing the demons which is celebrated in the Kinnaur region. On the day of the festival people bathe early in the morning and then make a 'Laffi' with turnips.

Some other delicacies are also made with turnips and flour. On the roof tops a thorny shrub (cho or Brek ling) is placed.

The other festival is known as Pulkhepa and is another form of Khepa celebration. The head of a goat and special fried bread (Poltu) is cooked and the ears of the goat are hung on the thorny shrub (Brekling) along with Poltu and Sigre ( a turnip preparation, stuck with thorns all over). For two days these are placed at cross roads and sometimes put indoors. Various traditional delicacies are cooked and eaten and distributed among neighbours and friends. At some places the horns of a goat are burnt to chase away the evil spirits.