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Gujarat Handicrafts

Jari Industry of Surat

The Jari industry of Surat is one of the oldest handicrafts whose origin can be traced to the Mughal period. Surat is one of the biggest and important Jari manufacturing  centres in India. The principal types of products are real gold and silver threads, imitation gold  and silver threads, embroidery such as the Chalak, the Salama, the Kangari,  the Tiki, mainly the Ring and the Katori for motifying in the Kinkhab (cloth of gold) and the Jari border weaving, embroidery, laces, caps, turbans, saris, and blouse  pieces.

The Tanchoi or silk brocade is woven on silk cloth is decorated with the designs of birds, animals, leaves, fruits etc. The cloth is used for costly saris, blouses and tapestry. The Kinkhab or the Indian brocade is woven on the silk  with gold and silver threads. A Persian word for one of the best brocades of Varanasi that is known all over the world. Silk plain weave with silk and gilt thread brocading wefts. The similar english word is brocade. 

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