Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The People



Manu's Prajapati mode is the usual rule for marriages in Assam. The proposal for the girl's hand comes from the boy's family and then follow the other formalities. Elopement is generally discouraged. The eloping couple is generally accepted in the boy's family after they formally beg pardon of society represented by village elders who after imposing a fine lets them off.

In Assam, Kinship is treated with great importance. Sons and daughters of uncles and aunts are all brothers and sisters, like those of one's own parents. Child marriage is practically unknown. A boy marries from the age of 16 and a girl from the age of 14. The most age for boys is 18 or 19 years and for girls is 15 years. If a young boy likes a girl, he sends his father or both the parents to the girl's father, betrothal ring or  bracelets with the girl. Sometimes a gourd of rice beer is taken and accepted. If after acceptance, the girl gets married to another boy, the village council fines the girl's family. The length of the engagement is not uniform. After a day has been fixed for the marriage, both the families prepare beer and strong drinks. If the bridegroom's party has to go through difficult villages he has to give a gourd of beer to each.