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ArtsHeritage of Classical dance in Assam is of remote origin. In Assamese dances, Hastas (hand gestures), Shirokarma (movement of the head), Padachari (foot work), Karana (posture), etc are performed after the manner of Natya Shastra or Sanskrit treatises on dance. The foot-work in an Assamese classical dance is extremely intricate and is called "Gati" or "Belan". It always reflects the theme of the dance in its infinite variation, speed and pattern.There are "Hasti Bulan", i.e. the slow majestic steps of the elephant, "Ghora Bulan", i.e. the swift galloping steps of the horse, "Maira Bulan", i.e. the majestic steps of a peacock and so on.

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Classical Dance
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