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Assami Dishes

Assami DishesCuisine of Assam is probably the most different type of cuisine you would have ever tasted. You cannot say that cuisine of Assam has not at all been influenced by external factors. New dishes have become famous and the traditional dishes have undergone a slight variation, but the change is ever so slight. The delicacies still have the same aroma and taste that made the Assam cuisine a household name in India. The cuisine is distinguished by on the basis of the exotic herbs and vegetables added to the dishes that lend a magnificent taste to the dishes. Rice is the main dish and finds a place in the ingredient list of almost all preparations. In non veg, fish curries and pork dishes are the favorite most of Assamese people. Birds like ducks and pigeon are also used in dishes. In Assam, a traditional full course meal starts with serving Khar which is a class of dishes and ends with a tenga whcich is a sour dish. Just like food is served in a banana leaf traditionally in south India, a meal in Assam is served on a bell metal utensils. Almost everyone ends their meal by chewing on a betel nut known as Paan.
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