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Bodo Marriage

The socially accepted form of a Bodo marriage is more or less the same in all villages, though certain rites vary from clan to clan. On a auspicious day elders go to see the girl and study her character. If she is liked, they come back and leave a pair of silver bangles stuck in the ceiling  or a couple of wine bottles hanging by it.

If these are not returned within the following week, consent of the girl's family is indicated. Before the wedding takes place boy goes to the girl's house to see and know each other. The girl gives him presents of handkerchiefs and napkins she herself had woven and bow before him. If she does not do this, it is understood that she does not like the boy. The Hinduised Bodos engage a priest to perform the ceremony, while others follow their own elaborate tribal customs. The Bodos do not like to marry into other communities. Sunday is the best day for a wedding. They follow certain marriage customs that seem to be peculiar to tribal society  in Assam. These are paying bride money, a son-in-law living with his father-in-law's family (ghar-jowain) and taboo on marriage within the same clan.