Monday, February 6, 2023


Classical Dance

Bhaona is a theatrical performance of a Vaishnava Ankiya Nat, a one-act play, initiated by Sankardeva. It is chiefly aimed at propagating Vaihnava tents and performed in village Namghars and Satra premises.

The Sutradhara of an Ankiya Nat, though not a character of the play, is an integral part of it; he recites slokas, sings, dances and explains in prose what is what at every stage of Bhaona. The Natuwa or Cali dance is perhaps modeled on some temple dance, although it is included in the Bhaona. There are two kind of Natuwa dances, Pakha Jiya and Hajowaliya. Hajowaliya is a woman's dance and both tandava and lasya have been combined to make it. The hair style of a knot tied as the crest, small karamanis (beads) over a lahanga (mekhala) and an orna over the face constitute the dress.