Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Folk Dances & Music

Dhuliya and Bhawariya

Generally accompanying bhawuas, i.e. theatrical performances of the type of miracle plays of Europe in the middle ages.

These dances verging on acrobatics are performed to tunes of vigorous music provided with drums and cymbals. Masks are sometimes used.



This dance form is associated with the worship of the snake goddess Manasa. A Deodhani girl, in a trance like inspired state, goes on dancing to the accompaniment of Kham (drum) and Ciphung (flute) propitiating many a deity beginning with Siva and ending with Lakshmi, she at one stage takes a sword and a shield and performs a virile war-dance.\



Zikirs are  songs sung by Assamese Muslims to the accompaniment of dancing in circles and clapping of hands.


Mohauhau or Mahkheda

It is also considered as a festival. In Kamrup district on a full moon night in Nov-Dec, boys in groups go from house to house and sing and dance, striking the ground with bamboo sticks and taking leaps and turns. The ceremony is believed to be helpful in driving away mosquitoes.



This is a ceremony in which the nymphs of the air are invoked during calamities and lean times, women with flowing hair dance in circles. The rhythm is provided by striking bamboo sticks on conch-shells or bangles.