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West Bengal

Fairs and Festivals

West Bengal celebrates all religious, commercial and cultural festivals in great fervor. In fact the festivals set apart by cheerful ceremonies, enthusiasm paralleled with full of fun and celebration. Durga pooja is the most important and popular festival of West Bengal. The entire state becomes lively during the Durga Puja. Rathyatra, Jhapan,
Bera Ulsav, Jagaddhtri Puja, Vishnupur Festival etc are the few other important festival of the state. Fairs are common in the state. Gangasagar Mela, the largest fair of the state, Kenduli Mela on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Jalpesh Mela on the occasion of Sivarathri, etc are the important fairs.The festivals of West Bengal symbolize the vigorous and multiple cultural heritage of our nation.
Fairs and Festivals
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