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Festivals and Fairs

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Muslim Festivals

The principal festivals of the Muslim community are Mohurrum, Iduzzoha, Idul-fitr and the prophets birthday. The Mohurrum festival commemorates the martyrdom of the prophets grandson's, Hasan and Husain in a battle at Karbala in Arabia. The Sunni sect of Muslims carry, in a warlike procession enacting mock fights and exhibitions of prowess in which lathi and sword play form a major role. Replicas of the tombs of the slain heroes are made and later immersed in a specially designated tank. It was customary for Hindus to take part in the processions. The Shia sect also take out mourning processions with men and women dressed in black and singing marsia or specially composed elegies. Marsia sessions are also held in assemblies where Urdu elegies are sung or recited.

Idul-Fitr marks the conclusion of a month of fasts (Ramzan) and is comparable in the splendour of celebrations to the Durga Puja of the Hindus. Wearing of New clothes is a must and after the special morning prayer which are joined by every male in front of a mosque or in an open space, there is a general round of embracing. It is a day of feasting and quiet merriment, assembles for religious discourses being a main part of the days observances.

Iduzzoha (Idul-Korbab) or Bakr-Id is the other compulsory celebration of Muslims, when animal sacrifice is made. The mythological basis of the observance, older than Islam is related to Prophet Abraham of the old testament.