Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Beliefs and Superstitions

Other Beliefs

As they are growing up, girls learn to keep the house clean, to wash the utensils  properly  and to observe carefully  all the rules of  good house-keeping. While sweeping the floors, mothers advise daughters to collect all the dust and throw it  out side. If a girl leaves the dust in corner, she is rebuked and told that she too may be left alone  in a corner  on festival  day  or on the day of her brother's marriage i.e. her menstrual period may coincide  with such junctions  and prevent  her participation  in the rejoicing. Collection  of dust in the corners is supposed to bring bad tidings and debt. Use of broken mirror should  be avoided . 

Itching  of the right palm indicates  income  showers during hottest  part of the year  signify a prosperous year  ahead. Viewing the moon on the fourth day after the new-moon will curtail the powers of memory. Spending money or quarrelling with someone  on new year's day signifies  the same trend throughout the year. 

Biting of finger nails, avoidable waste of water, frequent jerking  of legs  and entry of tortoise in to a house  are symptoms of forth coming  poverty. Sitting cross-legged  or keeping hand folded around the knees are habits of associated with the dead .

Unbleached  garments and other new apparel  are worn after smearing the ends with turmeric  powder, to ward off evil. A cow or horse purchased by a person  has the power of affecting  his future  for good or bad. 

When  light (including  electric  light )  is lit  after sunset, the folk join their palms together and thank God for having led them from darkness to light. Similarly at the day break  life begins with the salutation of the sun. 

Mistakes occurring in documents are not scored out  instead, the alternations  and corrections necessary are pointed out in the last line for it is believed that striking  some thing  written in document  foretells  ill-luck. It is accidentally when  making  out a document .  To give or accept  anything  with  the left hand  s an indiscreet  act  and will cause offence to the other party . 

A kind  of pigment  is manufactured  by mixing powered  hones of the animal  called Devangu (sloth) , a portion  of the skull  of dead women  and greenish type camphor  and this is applied to the betel leaf which  is then  locked in to find out the complexion  of a thief,  his characteristics and the direction he came from.