Monday, July 15, 2024


Beliefs and Superstitions

Beliefs about Numbers

  There are several theories about numbers. Number 'one' is sometimes  avoided by folks. They substitute it by the word 'first'. When measuring paddy, the villagers  say by 'profit' for the first measure in many places. The name of the local deity is mentioned  to denote the commencement  of measuring first measure. It is thought that, if the first attempt in any venture fails, success is possible only after third attempt.

There is a feeling that '3' is not good number and people avoid going in groups of three. Since any association with that number is supposed to defeat the purpose of the journey. Some persons say 'six plus one' to indicate seven. Number 8 has an unlucky sound and so in measuring paddy, the villager says 'eight measures' and not simply eight. 

Generally, people prefer odd numbers. In making donations, a round sum is first thought of and a small figure  added  to make it odd e.g. Rs.1001,5005 

Several persons  wait, until  they can get the number of their liking in the securing telephone connections or a motor-car  registration .