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Beliefs and Superstitions

Beliefs about Marriage

In Thanjavur  district, it is believed that marriage negotiations can be accelerated by performing  an abisheka or sacred bath to the image of the deity Kalyanasundara in Thirumancheri village.  It is said that if the garland  placed around that deity  is removed and worn by a human being the wearer will get married with in seven weeks. This has local variations, for instance at the Kodana Rama temple at Madhuranthakam  the performance of an archana (special prayer) to this deity is said to ensure immediate  marriage .

In some social groups, it is forbidden to attend a marriage  after an oil bath, i.e. after anointing  one's body with oil and tasking a bath. It is ordained that mirth in funeral or grief in marriage  should be avoided and so tradition forbids attendance  at a marriage  and funeral at the same day .

To get a lover  of one's choice, some people prepare oily concoctions and secretly place them in the toilet-case used by the beloved or lover .